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Work With

Dr. Froswa


As the former Vice President of Community Affairs at the State Fair of Texas, I developed the philanthropic focus. More than 70% of the organizations funded under my leadership were led by people of color. My efforts were recognized not only for changing the narrative of philanthropy but also due to my vast understanding of community engagement. I offer consulting to companies and foundations on diversifying their CSR and ESG efforts, building community relationships, and DEI efforts. Additionally, I am an experienced trainer in the areas of organizational leadership.

Speaker and Panelist

I am a highly sought-after speaker for local, national, and international events on topics such as Resilience, Black History, Networking/Social Capital, Women in the Workplace, Women of Color in the Workplace, and Leadership.

Leadership Coaching and Training

I focus on building leaders through coaching and training to increase capacity, collaboration, and community partnerships. Leadership is critical to an organization's success, and based on my academic expertise and decades of experience as a leader, I provide training to companies and coaching to executives. As a teacher and thought leader in this space, my focus is on building leaders to help them define their purpose and mission, find their voice and style, and understand the role of relationships as a part of their leadership journey.

Curriculum Creation

I have developed curricula for organizations like Futures without Violence, Tulane University, and others, focusing on leadership, asset-based community development, and change management.

Non-Profit Capacity Building

With nearly three decades of immersion in nonprofit management and a reputation as a transformative scholar-practitioner, I've dedicated my career to reshaping communities and organizations. My work includes teaching at prestigious institutions such as Tulane, the University of North Texas at Dallas, and the University of Texas at Arlington. I leverage my extensive experience, relationships, and resources, along with Asset Mapping through GIS, to help organizations and grassroots nonprofits identify service gaps. This approach aims to strategically utilize philanthropic funds to make a meaningful impact and drive significant change.

Community Synergy

I focus on building community engagement strategies and partnership brokering to build bridging social capital and establish an ecosystem of partners that includes philanthropy, nonprofits, faith communities, government, and business. My work aims to create a network of collaborative relationships that leverages diverse resources and perspectives, enhancing the collective impact on the communities we serve.

Let's Work Together

I believe in growing people, and the only way to do that is to invest in their education, provide them with opportunities to speak their truths, and foster environments where collaboration is not just encouraged but essential. Together, we can cultivate a world rich in understanding and innovation.

Change Management

We all seek change, but if it were so simple, we'd be able to create it in our lives with ease. What we often fail to realize are the mental blocks that prevent us from achieving the change we'd like to see. My exploration of barriers that prevent individuals and organizations from moving forward draws on the work of Kegan and Lahey, authors of "Immunity to Change" (ITC), as well as Ronald Heifetz's concept of Adaptive Leadership. My research incorporates the ITC model, and I have trained many organizations and individuals in this practice, aiming to identify and overcome the subconscious fears and assumptions that keep us from making progress.

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