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Building Our Community through

Collaboration, Connection, and Co-Creation

I support and empower individuals, organizations, and companies by fueling positive change, and teaching you how to elevate your impact by learning to grow both yourself and your community.

I believe in the power of YOU. I designed Soulstice to solve community challenges through the use of tools based on decades of experience and expertise to support community capacity through collaboration with leaders and organizations.

Featured Services


Specializing in curriculum writing, community building, and leadership training, with a focus on bridging the disparities in gender and race.


Teaching the value of social capital, change management, strategic alliances, community engagement, and relational leadership.


Teaching companies to create spaces that focus on safety and belonging due to generational differences in the workplace.

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I firmly believe there is power in our stories. The Tapestry Podcast was born out of my love of story telling and connectivity.

My role extends into academia as an adjunct faculty member at Tulane University and as a research affiliate at Antioch University. I have authored four books, with "Empowering Charity: A New Narrative of Philanthropy" being my most recent publication. I'm also proud to be a co-founder of HERitage Giving Circle, one of the first Black Women Giving Circles in Texas, and I have played a pivotal role in initiating Power-in-Action Dallas and the South Dallas Employment Project.

Welcome, I am Dr. Froswa Booker-Drew

I am the President and CEO of Soulstice Consultancy, where I specialize in providing philanthropic guidance, community engagement strategies, leadership development, and organizational culture support for both companies and non profits. Additionally, I founded the Reconciliation and Restoration Foundation, a non profit aimed at amplifying, supporting, and funding the work of Black-led non profits.

Welcome, I am Dr. Froswa Booker-Drew

On The Blog


Specializing in curriculum writing, community building, and leadership training, with a focus on bridging the disparities in gender and race.


I think we’ve all had our moments with an individual who represented themselves one way only to turn out to be


One of my favorite things to do is spend time in silence to hear God and listen to the quiet voice within. A few

Speaking Topics

Black History

Women in Leadership

Community Engagement

Black Women in Philanthropy

Social Capital

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"I know first-hand Froswa’s dynamism and strong impact – she is a courageous, passionate, natural-born leader whose heart aches to effect change and whose many talents are totally dedicated to pursuing social equity and justice throughout society.”

Barry Silverberg, Executive Director, Nonprofit Austin

Community Love

“Dr. Froswa is a guiding light and supportive influence in my life! I feel secure, renewed, and inspired after each encounter.”


– S.G., Nurse, Previous Coaching Client

Community Love

"When we envisioned this topic of celebrating the
Power of Black Women, we could never have imagined how far you would take us in such a limited amount of time. We thank you for giving us an inspiring, poignant and deep lecture that has changed ALL of our perspectives on Black women. In short - you were brilliant and I'm at a loss for words honestly.
Bravo! Simply wonderful!"

Community Love

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