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This page provides background on Dr. Froswa's expertise in each area. Pricing for services depends upon several factors such as audience size, length of service, and preparation. Please reach out to Dr. Froswa’ for a consultation to determine needs for your organization and fees.  30 minute consultations are free. 


As the former Vice President of Community Affairs at the State Fair of Texas, Dr. Froswa’ developed the philanthropic focus.  More than 70% of the organizations funded were led by people of color.  Her efforts were recognized because of not only changing the narrative of philanthropy but also due to her vast understanding of community engagement.  Dr. Froswa’ offers consulting to companies and foundations on diversifying their CSR and ESG efforts, building community relationships and DEI efforts. She is also an experienced trainer in the areas of organizational leadership.

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Booker-Drew is a highly sought after speaker for both local, national and international speaker on topics such as Resilience, Black History, Networking/Social Capital, Women in the Workplace, Women of Color in the Workplace, and Leadership.

Non-Profit Capacity Building

Dr. Froswa’s experience in nonprofit management began nearly thirty years ago.  In addition to teaching courses on the subject at Tulane and previously at the University of North Texas at Dallas and the University of Texas at Arlington, she’s a scholar-practitioner that is known for transforming communities and organizations through her experience, relationships, and resources. 

Change Management

We all seek change but if it was so simple, we would be able to create it in our lives with ease.  We fail to realize the mental blocks that often prevent us from achieving the change we’d like to see. Using the work of Kegan and Lahey, authors of Immunity to Change (ITC), as well as the work of Ronald Heifetz, author of Adaptive Leadership, this is an exploration of barriers that prevent individuals and organizations from moving forward.  Dr. Froswa’s research incorporates the ITC model, and she has trained many organizations and individuals in this practice.

Leadership Coaching and Training

Leadership is critical to an organization’s success.  Dr. Froswa’ provides training to companies and coaching to executives based on her academic expertise and decades of experience as a leader.  As a teacher and thought leader in this space, Dr. Froswa’ focuses on building leaders to tap into defining their purpose and mission, finding their voice and style, and understanding the role of relationships as a part of their leadership journey.

Curriculum Creation

Dr. Booker-Drew has built curriculum for organizations such as Futures without Violence, Tulane University and other organizations on topics such as leadership, asset based community development, and change management. 

Client Testimonials

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Speaking For a Major Corporation Through Diversity Crew

When we envisioned this topic of celebrating the Power of Black Women, we could never have imagined how far you would take us in such a limited amount of time.

We thank you for giving us an inspiring, poignant and deep lecture that has changed ALL of our perspectives on Black women. 

In short – you were brilliant and I’m at a loss for words honestly. 

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